Campine Hens For Sale

goldcampineCampines are a lively breed and like nothing more than to be free ranging as they are very alert.

This breed of chicken is ideal for ornamental purpose, but they are also good for laying medium white eggs.

They are known for not being a broody lot and are less cold hardy, which they sometimes can be prone to frostbite on their combs in the winter months.

Breed Day old up to 3 weeks 3-9 weeks 9-12 weeks 13 wks onwards
Campine Hens £ 8.00 £15.00 £25.00 £35.00
Cockerals available prices between £5.00 to £10.00

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We have fertile hatching eggs for sale throughout most off the year. Our breeding stock are free range and are fed on the highest quality food. We hatch here throughout the year so keep a constant check on fertility levels.

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